The majority of the paintings were created with acrylic paint and depict scenes of nature. Although Sarina Dorie is native to the Portland area and currently lives in Eugene, Oregon, many of her paintings are influenced by her time living and teaching overseas in Korea and Japan. The subject matter of sakura or cherry blossoms was popular in Asian art and her art was well-received by that audience. Her surreal style mixed with natural imagery captures the feelings natural world evokes for nature lovers.

Her larger paintings, some of which are 8 feet tall by 5 feet wide were capturing the beauty of the Pacfic Northwest. Many are titled with names that sound exotic and elegant but are in fact toxins that are killing the environment.

These paintings have traveled to countries like Honduras for displays and have been shown in Korea and Japan. While living in Portland, Sarina Dorie showed at a number of local galleries. Now living in Eugene, Sarina primarily shows at New Zone Gallery.